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Our Story


In May 2021, we incorporated Chasealpha Technologies Pvt Ltd, the company that runs the brand “Richie”.

Our goal is simple: “Bring Richness Within Your Reach”.

Back then, investing was an unpleasant experience for the customer. It took a few days to a few weeks just to finish the KYC. The difficulty of navigating the language of financial commodities made it even more agonising. To solve this, we devised the idea of digitizing the account opening and KYC procedures, which is now a requirement in the modern world.

Our company is registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Regarding investing in Indian equities, we provide individuals, businesses, and other legal entities with expert investment advice. We do research or recommend investing in particular assets for short- to long-term financial goals (stocks). We frequently undertake research and offer suggestions to customers based on the performance (fundamentals) of the companies and extra elements like management meetings, corporate governance, etc. Our research analysts also conduct technical research evaluations for the short- to medium-term investment recommendations.

Our Mission

We promise to use cutting-edge, lucrative strategies that are incredibly effective in generating excellent returns with calculated risk.

Our Vision

We put a lot of effort and integrity into making Richie one of the most successful, dependable, and transparent stock advisors in India and the entire world.

Our Core values

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You will be able to see every step we take on our app. Nothing will be kept a secret. Being transparent is the only way to build trusting connections.

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We always stay alive to serve our clients best. The necessary activity is carried out with excitement, energy, and a positive approach in order to assist our customers in reaching their goals as fully as possible.

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 According to statistics, 84% of worldwide business executives give innovation a high priority when developing their growth strategy. Innovation is required to give your customers the right value because firms compete to produce value for the customers. Our practice is to deliver the best invention into services that create value for which customers will pay.

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Team Work

We cultivate comradery and trust among our coworkers. We delegate work to others rather than micromanage them and encourage each other to pursue our aspirations.

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We believe that trust is the foundation of all lasting relationships, whether personal, professional, or diplomatic .

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